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Bringing uke-ness to a new level
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My apologies to everyone for the near-death of this group D: I kind of fell really behind, and... things just happened, and I wondered if it'd be worth it to try to resurrect it, and eventually it was just forgotten. :(

That was, until flamecolonel sent me a note requesting said resurrection :) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it as quickly as I had liked, but I think now I have a chance to finally get it up again :)

The process is still going to take a while. If this group is going to grow, I need to de-favorite everything and submit them as club deviations, linking back to the originals, so that will take a bit of time, but hopefully not too much. As soon as this process is complete, I will accept new fan art to place in the club :)

Also in the meantime, I'm replying to all join requests! Please pardon the generic messages, as I really don't have time to make each one unique XD But for those still interested, please do join! :D We'd love to have you! ^_^

As flamecolonel is majorly responsible for the rebirth of this club, she is now a Co-Admin, and has offered to help me out ^_^ Yay! :D I can't thank her enough ^^ :heart:

To join this club:
* ~ Send a note to the club or to DejikoMewMew with the subject "Join" or whatnot ^o^
* ~ Add the icon (I know it's kinda crappy... I'll try to make a better one! XD) to your journal! Use the code : iconfuery-fans : without the spaces ^^
* ~ DevWatch the club if you'd like for updates and such!

Er... I have had a few people just start watching the club... So... if you do so, I will assume you want to join. XD You are a member now, whether you like it or not!! XDDD;;;;;

To send fan art/fiction:
* ~ Pretty much the same. ^^ Send a note to the club or to me with the link and I'll add it as soon as possible!!


As I hadn't received any entries, I'm going to go ahead and leave the old contest up, but give it a new deadline :) Because... I really wanna see entries for this one XD

CONTEST THEME: Back in the Day

Draw Fuery as a little kid so we can all squee with glee. xD (Hey, that rhymed... ) You may involve other characters as well, but Fuery must be included, of course. ;D

DUE DATE: September 15th, 2007 (that gives you all a month) :)

Admin: :icondejikomewmew:
Lt. Admin: :iconayanaklona:

Current members:
:icongilwensumer: :iconobin-chan31: :iconokami-hu: :iconlindus: :iconluciferownsme: :iconkaijuu-ed: :iconfluffy1: :iconkittycow: :iconlil-azn-kit: :iconmoonlit-dreamer: :icongucchama:  :iconfireun: :iconregineskrydon: :iconsariah-loire: :icondou-hong: :iconph1shf00d: :iconstrawberryjello: :iconnightwalkercat: :icontsukiguujin: :icondoppelgangergrl: :iconkawaiidragoness: :iconmelie-qui-gribouille: :iconusa-chan2114: :icontheimmortalduelist: :iconrobee: :iconfangrl: :iconkaoru-mouse: :iconblueraine: :iconsaria-snape: :iconsei-kou-ki: :icontouchmyheart: :iconikkinvoro: :iconkilimac: :iconfrapachinocrazy4: :iconbatosia-koneko: :iconjezrielxiii: :icongozenyuji: :iconashleighvestia: :iconblackflameenvy: :iconrenos-goggles: :iconiluvheijihattori: :icontorn-and-twisted: :iconvegetasgirl: :iconblackstar369: :iconsesshomaruslauren: :icontripplecherry: :iconpsychowolf14: :iconniggytomato: :iconjacoco: :iconaggeon: :iconynaffit: :iconspiritualenergy: :iconrulidze: :iconchimera-99: :iconcolonelroymustang: :iconpasht27: :iconsukoshi-chan: :iconkandythehedgehog: :iconashfallenangel: :iconbeyblade-fanatic: :iconagrajagthetesty: :iconflamealchemist23: :iconfma-luvr: :iconawabadoobi: :iconilovesquirrels: :iconsrg-fuery: :iconchibi-sango-chu:

LJ -…
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Veganotron Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2009
Wow, I didn't know there was a Fuery fan club! :excited: He's more popular than I thought (although he remains underrated). Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the little guy's irresistible sweetness. :D
Geeks rule! :w00t:
RaminNokamora Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2008
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I made a kain picture!
[link] <--- PLz looks at it ^^
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Welcome aboard! Glad to have you! ^_^
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